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% SPC decorative wall panels MARBLE GREY VOX
% SPC decorative wall panels MARBLE GREY VOX

Waterproof decorative composite (stone-polymer) wall panels MARBLE GREY, VOX *Price per pi

ESPUMO Декоративни подови первази
ESPUMO Декоративни подови первази

ESPUMO подов перваз 2400 мм *Цена за брой *Минимално количество 10 бр. *Доставка: нестандар

Vinyl siding with double fold VIFRONT UNICOLOR

Vinyl product for facades cladding, double-fold slats, SV- 01 *Price per piece *Deliver


Vinyl siding product for facades, double board, SV-05 VIFRONT UNICOLOR VOX PROFILE *Price per


SXP-05 triple extruded slats for NATURE MAX-3 vinyl siding system *Price per piece

Decorative wall panels LINERIO S-line

Wall panel for interior decorative lining LINERIO S-LINE *Price per piece *Delivery: non-sta

Комплект битове,1/4", магнитен адаптер, 33 части GROSS

Комплект битове,1/4", магнитен държач, 33 части, стомана S2, пластмасова кутия GROSS *Цена за ко

Kомплект накрайници WÜRTH 105 части

АСОРТИМЕНТ ​​БИТОВЕ ВЮРТ 105 части *Цена за комплект Предназн

Лазерен нивелир DENZEL LX3, 10м

Универсалeн многофункционален лазерен нивелир DENZEL LX3, 10м, ±0,3мм/1м, 635нм, 4 вертикал

Petrol power saws 2,5 hp non- detachable DT 43, Denzel

Petrol trimmer DT 43, 43 cm3, 2,5 hp, non- detachable, 2 parts, Denzel *Price per set

Sale! Top price for PVC paneling 25/0.8/270cm, VOX PROFILE. While stocks last!

PVC paneling with printed designs from the collections: MARMINO, MIKADO STYLE, MODERN, MOTIVO

Drip Irrigation Set Micro 42 pieces PREMIUMGARDEN

Micro drip irrigation kit Micro Drip Irrigation Set 42 pieces PREMIUM GARDEN *Price per

Ножица лозарска универсална 200 мм PALISAD

Градинска ножица (лозарска/овощарска) 200 мм, възвратна пружина, зъбен механизъм PALISAD *Цена за

Колички градински с товароподемност 120 кг, обем 58 L PALISAD

Градинска еднокола количка с товароподемност 120 кг, обем 58 L PALISAD *Цена за брой Предн

1K Макетен нож Комплект 14 части WÜRTH
1K Макетен нож Комплект 14 части WÜRTH

1К Макетен нож с плъзгач и 13 резервни остриета ВЮРТ *Цена за брой Предназначение: 1К Р

Wooden carpenter's meter 1 and 2m

Wooden folding meter with lengths 1 and 2 m HARDY *Price per piece Purpose: D


Which is the best type of thermal insulation?

From a technical point of view, there is no "best" type of insulation. All the different forms have advantages and disadvantages and each is suitable for different purposes. The final decision on what type of insulation would be best for your home depends on where you live, which parts of the house you will insulate, your budget, and whether you are building your home or it is already built. The most common forms of insulation materials are fiberglass, foam, and cellulose. The most common types of insulation are batts, loose fill, rigid foam, and now spray foam. While these are the most popular types, the decision ultimately comes down to your specific requirements and needs.

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Essential tools for every handyman and every home - 2

Tools are not always cheap, but it is better to own quality and expensive tools to be sure of good end results. Proper care and maintenance is very important as tools also have a life. You can collect home tools in two ways - purchase each tool you need individually, or purchase as ready- made kits. It is always cheaper to "buy in bulk" and in this respect the tool is no exception. Individual tool purchases, while momentarily a smaller expense, end up costing more.

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With our many years of experience in the trade of construction materials, we have won our place on the market and have proven our correctness, loyalty and reliability to our customers and partners. From our team you will receive individual attention, correct and ethical attitude, expediency, professionalism and competence in our work, useful and comprehensive information about the goods and services we offer.



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